Kaiser Mommy

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I will make this a home if it kills me – and it might

Every day I do things on my own. The mom, the home owner, the teacher, the matriarch, the Dawn. I’m pretty bull headed obstinate stubborn determined to do this thing on my own – equal parts independence and not wanting to be a bother to someone else. My shower head broke this week – spraying water out the back and the front and making an Alex worthy mess of things… Read More

Puppy Boy

I know I’ve declared that all I have to be is me. Days like today, there isn’t enough me. Today Alex needed played and played hard. He kept trying to jump on me. He wanted on my shoulders. “Baby, I can’t do that.” “Daddy can do it.” “I know baby, but Mommy can’t. He wanted to wrestle. He wrestled his teddy bear. (He also gave the teddy bear pretend milk.. Read More