Every day I do things on my own. The mom, the home owner, the teacher, the matriarch, the Dawn. I’m pretty bull headed obstinate stubborn determined to do this thing on my own – equal parts independence and not wanting to be a bother to someone else.

My shower head broke this week – spraying water out the back and the front and making an Alex worthy mess of things. My mom recommended a handy man. I bought a new one and happily discovered I can disconnect and reconnect a shower head in under ten minutes, no tools necessary. And tomorrow I will actually be brave enough to make sure it works!

I bought a television. Been here 6 months, finally have a couch, figured it was time for tv. Got overwhelmed, got a gentleman friend* to tell me exactly what to buy. After specific instructions, several clarifications, and much cranky butt confusion on my part, I have a tv and a blu-ray player all hooked up and functional in my living room. (Apparently I have to buy an HDMI cable and some other … fuck if I know …. cables …. to get the REALLY pretty picture in the moving picture box.)

I picked new sheets for my room, I added a memory foam topper (to try to remedy the fact I hate my mattress), I realized that my bed was now taller than my hip bone and several inches taller than my bedside tables. I disassembled my bed, moved the cats out of the way, moved my under-the-bed storage to by-the-bed storage (for now – it matches my clean laundry still on the floor), moved the cats out of the way, put the box spring on the floor, moved the cats out of the way, got the mattress monkey fucked back on by throwing it around and then sitting on the floor and using my feet to push it where I needed it –  and now my bed is several inches SHORTER than my bedside tables – but at least I don’t need stairs to haul myself into bed. The solution to this problem – I’m not sure yet. Ghetto college style cinderblocks? May just be a possibility. Except I’d be the one to have to haul those things around. Screw that.


[*Yeah, I think gentleman friend sounds totally lame too – but APPARENTLY “Captain Calico” isn’t allowed, so you better come up with something ACME Secret Ident Kit worthy sooner or later 🙂 ]