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Mommyhood – New Chapter on Baby Discipline

In Touchpoints, Dr. Brazelton says that when your baby does something, say pulls up on the TV and gets ready to mash the buttons, and then turns around to look at you, that s/he is looking for discipline. “Is this okay, Mommy? Are you going to do anything about it, Mommy?” I have this plant. It’s a peace lily plant. I don’t love it, because it’s a funeral plant. I.. Read More

Our Anniversary Tale

(pasted from email sent to my girlfriends) Now here’s the funny story of the week. Still haven’t, y’know, done the deed. Just couldn’t do it when his mom was in the house. Now just can’t do it because I just can’t get in the mood when always listening for Kaiser to pipe up. Hubs is feeling all neglected and blah blah. Stressed. You know boys. Boy parts must be attended.. Read More

Here a shot… there a shot….

Today was shot day. Not an easy choice. I’ve worked with students who have documented adverse reactions to immunizations. I’ve been to the funeral of a 9 year old who had PDD and seizures as related to her immunizations (Dept of Health and Human Services agrees with this statement to the tune of enough money that the family could afford to care for their daughter with round the clock in.. Read More

Oh yeah… the baby

Uh, yeah. The one this blog is titled for. Him. The one I haven’t actually talked about for a while. He’s great. I dropped my basket on Tuesday morning b/c I’d had no sleep (I stayed up too late talking to Mrs. NOT Tater, then he woke up every hour-two hours doing kick/bicycle legs all night) and Alex woke officially at seven and was in-con-solable. Oh and Scout was out.. Read More

new stuff

So it’s going well, all in all. We’ve started a typical bedtime routine – and it’s worked really well – well enough that the first night we didn’t do it he didn’t officially fall asleep till 1230. He tends to fall asleep and then wakes up for a couple minutes and goes back to sleep. Tonight I think he needed Daddy time. He fell asleep like a champ, woke up.. Read More

Distracted apparently

or just tired of typing with one hand. I’m cleared for takeoff after my appt on Wed. Now if I could just have hubs to myself…. Alex weighs 12 pounds 6 ounces and is 24 inches long. I rolled him from back to front today and rolled right to his back again.

11 Years

Sara blogged about the Sara of 10 years ago. Which made me think about the Dawn of 11 years ago today. 11 Years ago just about right now I was at a rehearsal for a wedding. I was in a black crop sweater with red trim and buttons. I was in a denim skort. I was wearing the Mia fisherman sandals for chicks that everyone owned that summer. I was.. Read More


Today Alex didn’t open his eyes for long until 115. Then he had 5 hours of awake time from then until 830. What a stud. Hopefully he sleeps tonight. Popped in Baby Einstein today, and he got all vocal – lots of cooing, which he did again later without the BE to prompt conversation. Aw, little man finding his voice. Yay!