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Stitch Fix #14

This Fix was less of a hit than usual. First there was a pair of earrings – Zad Loni Hammered Leaf Drop Earrings – I didn’t take a picture of them but if you click a link, another blogger has them. I always wear the same earrings, so these didn’t tempt me – but it did make me realize I had not clicked to avoid earrings in my Stitch Fix Profile… Read More

Stitch Fix #12

It will surprise no one who has seen my house this week that I can’t find my cards for Fix 13 or 14. So we will roll on back to 12. Colourworks Elandra Faux Leather Trim Cardigan   I loved how soft this cardigan was, and I loved the color. There was a faux leather trim on it that was more pleather than I was okay with, and I decided.. Read More

Stitch Fix #15

I’ve done a pretty good job at creating a capsule wardrobe using what I have gotten from Stitch Fix over the last year. I’ve also gotten pickier about what I buy since I know what I have and wear what I have. Forgive the pictures and the dirty mirror. I decided if I was going to wait for perfect pictures that it would be yet another 15 fixes before I.. Read More

#stitchfixfriday 17 Jul 14 ( Stitch Fix 5 )

THML Kahlo Racer Back Striped Maxi Dress

I am back! To celebrate, let’s go into the sun! Oh dear, I do declare I may have planted too many sunflowers. Psh. Too many sunflowers, no such thing! I planted EXACTLY the right amount of sunflowers! As far as my eyes can see, they are everywhere! Look at me and my JOY! We got artsy with the pictures and the flowers. I did my best to walk around without.. Read More