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Stitch Fix #12

Kaiser Mommy's Stitch fix

It will surprise no one who has seen my house this week that I can’t find my cards for Fix 13 or 14. So we will roll on back to 12. Colourworks Elandra Faux Leather Trim Cardigan   I loved how soft this cardigan was, and I loved the color. There was a faux leather trim on it that was more pleather than I was okay with, and I decided that I had.. Read More

Stitch Fix #15

Kaiser Mommy's Stitch fix

I’ve done a pretty good job at creating a capsule wardrobe using what I have gotten from Stitch Fix over the last year. I’ve also gotten pickier about what I buy since I know what I have and wear what I have. Forgive the pictures and the dirty mirror. I decided if I was going to wait for perfect pictures that it would be yet another 15 fixes before I got anything posted… Read More

39 years, 364 days

Looking ahead to 1:27am, the 24th of February 2015 … that monumental age change … that awful thought that someone could put an ad in the paper with a birthday greeting of “Lordy Lordy looks who’s ….” I can’t even finish that thought. I never claimed 30. Never coped with that age change. I went from 27 to … something in my 30s, only after claiming 27 long enough that everyone was in.. Read More

Talyaa Liera

My teacher Talyaa has lasers in her brain. Isn’t that a lovely opening line? Attention getting, makes you postulate “what on earth is going on?” My teacher Talyaa lived in a cocoon named Karen Murphy for decades. When I met her she was a Type A, Montessori doll sewing mom. She had a growing mommy blogger internet presence and wrote for Strollerderby. At the time, that was all the cool kid cred anyone.. Read More

Susan Niebur

Life is given to each of us.  We each get one shot at this sucker, and we are never really told that it will be fair. ~Susan Niebur Once upon a time, there was a blogger named Sam who was diagnosed with cancer. It was just as I came into blogging and I wasn’t sure what was up with all the “Team Whymommy” buttons on all these blogs. Sam’s name was actually Susan,.. Read More

NaBloPoMo #Fail

I was all about GoBloMeMoFo 2014. Even if I had to post a couple at a time to make up for it, I was liking being in the groove of writing – even if I was hating the process of blogging on an iPad. I bought an old laptop so I could at least have an easier way to work, and then I broke. Ferguson happened and the internet blew up and no.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 16 Nov 14

I’ve never been a hunter, my family didn’t get into it until later in life, so I didn’t grow up with it so much. Fish and frog legs, but not so much deer and turkey. I never like seeing all the dead deer photos, the glassy dead eyes just get to me. This was opening weekend for rifles in Missouri. I didn’t go, but I was awake to my foot being tickled 40.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 15 Nov 14


I have stared at my walls for about four years. There are weird angles in this house. Like someone was allergic to right angles or something. The worst corner has been in the living room where the fireplace is. I painted the white fireplace the same cream that has been on the wall, and I painted over it with a beautiful blue (Sherwin Williams Bosphorus). I arranged the dustables toward the main wall.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 14 Nov 14


Heather Spohr and I have the same chair. Which is something I have loved. Sadly, my cats have also loved it as their favorite scratching place. Today I bought a super lame throw cover thing and did my best to staple the edges (till the staples ran out. Of course.) The animals still adore it.

NaBloPoMo 13 Nov 14

Looking at my house, you would never think that I need things to be perfect. But I do. I struggle to sit here and write because it is not on MY computer. Even if I had MY computer I would struggle if I didn’t get to sit on my couch and was forced to sit in the kitchen. I am looking at one wall in my living room that I have finished. A.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 12 Nov 14

You know what makes me furious.   Blogging on an iPad. It is cruel. I spend so much time screaming that I can’t even write. I cant backspace or link or much of anything. i used to hack around in code. I used to Do this. I used to be good and now I scream at an iPad and threaten to punch it, and all I want to do is this, to write… Read More

NaBloPoMo 11 Nov 14

A couple of lifetimes ago, I rode in a limo with Shelly Kramer and and Brene’ Brown. I heard Brene’ speak, I had her sign my books. It has been years and I still remember that “at least” isn’t helpful and empathy and sympathy are not the same things. I came across this brilliant video of her talk this week. Watch it, it will help. Maybe this link.   http://www.fastcodesign.com/3023417/the-power-of-empathy-animated