Pretending Scout is in the next room. All alone, I watch the baby twitching ….
So Scout is back in MN for a few days and I am solo flying this parenting thing. I kept today low key as I destroyed morning nap by waking him twice getting him out of the car. I also started bath routine at 645 instead of 800 b/c I knew I was eitehr going to end up with a nap on my hands or an extremely tired baby if I tried to wait till 8. As it was I still got more protesting than I’ve had for the last week. Finally put him in the swing and fell asleep, I got him out when the cat wanted to roam around and it’s easier to keep an eye on the baby than the cat. He slept for the better part of three hours, which is a good thing. Now I’m watching him snuff around and do the light baby sleep thing.

Tomorrow we will hit Georgetown and look at antiques. Seems like something I can do where he can nap on the ride up there and hang out in the sling and either sleep or watch what’s around us. Guess I’ll have to pump in the car or something. We’ll see.

I want my husband.