Now, I would LOVE to have a perfectly decorated house right now. I would love to have a big tree that smells wonderful, and the halls to be deck and boughs of holly, and beautiful Christmas cards that I made myself, and a stack of perfect presents for Scout and Alex … and yes, for me … I’d love everything to be coordinated and putting Martha Stewart and the mother of Red – Soon to be Mrs. Tater to shame.

But, I also love not having migraines, I also love not having a credit card balance for the first time in 11 years, I love having two vehicles paid off, I love knowing that I didn’t kill a tree just to look at it for a month and then have to vacuum the needles off the floor. (Hotfessional will totally understand.)

Who am I kidding? I don’t do the vacuuming in this house.

(That bit of honesty is so Scout will continue to love me.)

A couple of years ago, we decided to not put up our big tree. We didn’t have room for it and we decided we’d rather not spent a month cussing that the tree was taking up space in our living room. Scout went out and bought an 18 inch silver prelit tree, and I perversely love it more than any other tree I have ever had. We decided this year, even though we have the room, that it would just be easier to not be pulling the Kaiser out of the tree – so we again are using tiny tree. (I’ll post a picture at some point, but right now the tree is sitting on a builtin with a bunch of DVDs around it – and while I’m working on not being all clenched about perfection – I would like you to think I can keep a somewhat pretty home – hahahaha.)

Otherwise, decorating will be simple – we’ll get the decorations all in one place (they are scattered through the house because of weird labeling while we were moving – a whole other story) – we will get them up – and we won’t spend any more money on decorations this year. Okay – other than the 6 dollars spent on stocking hangers.

Tell me, are you a minimalist at Christmas or do you all out decorate? Are you happy with your choice?