I thought about changing my hair. That’s what we do, right? Break up, then get a makeover to represent the change? Like a sacrament.

Sacrament being an “outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace”. Except in this case it is less grace and more “pain and growth and change and fuck you and omg”.

Then I realized. I actually like my damn hair right now. Apparently. Since the lure of color and cut and redo just didn’t appeal to me.

pretty smelling conditionerWhich was nice. To realize that when given the chance to change, I found I really liked something about myself. So I bought some pretty smelling conditioner instead. (Or actually, the Dude did. (Yeah, I know, weirdest breakup ever.))

I did do something brave though. I looked at my living room in this house I’m struggling to make a home. I had a long term plan for this fireplace I hated, and then decided, in the grand scheme of things, making a mistake on my fireplace was not going to epically fail my life, so it was okay to take a risk. Look at my inexpensive fireplace redo? (It’s at the my smaller home blog)