I love you. I will always have a place in my heart for you.

But I’m taking a break from you. My give a damn is broken. Your bullshit excuses have worn me out.

You threw away the thing you had always wanted with both hands. You were tempted, nay obsessed, with someone else.

And I will forgive you of that one day soon. I’m using your stupidity and your piles of manure to fertilize my life, my dreams, my awesome.

That last angry voice mail – that last shaming text I left you – hope you liked the sound of my voice and the thrill of seeing my name in your phone. – It’s the last you will see of me for a while. I am taking a 40 day break from you. I’m ready to be malarkey free. I’m ready to focus on my simple joys.

But mostly – I want you and your tatted up skanky whore to know without a doubt – that when this infatuation and sex phase ends, that your relationship is rotten and ugly. I want you to know that when your relationship ends – that its all on you and on her. You are hateful and toxic together. And I don’t want either of you to be distracted and thinking I could somehow be to blame for this upcoming failed relationship.

So enjoy it. This summer of 2011. Hope it will be worth it for you. I will be even more awesome come Labor Day – will you be able to say the same?