After all the pain and growing and struggle.

After realizing I’m okay. I’m enough. I’m happy. Admitting to the world I like myself.

After choosing joy.

The opportunity for brand! new! shiny! happy! giggles! is amazing.

Being wise about this happy – enjoying the warmth of it, the beams of it coming off me, the uh, forgetting what I’m doing and daydreaming in front of the green tea at the grocery store like a tool . . . where was I . . .

Knowing my happy isn’t dependent on another person lets me be more joyful when others march to my drumbeat.

Knowing I’m okay just as I am let’s me open up to another person, to my friends, take a risk in throwing words out there, discussing ideas, being honest.

Being Me.

I am happy with me. And man I missed me. The real me.