I know I’ve declared that all I have to be is me.

Days like today, there isn’t enough me.

Today Alex needed played and played hard. He kept trying to jump on me. He wanted on my shoulders. “Baby, I can’t do that.”

“Daddy can do it.”

“I know baby, but Mommy can’t.

He wanted to wrestle. He wrestled his teddy bear. (He also gave the teddy bear pretend milk because the teddy bear was sad – well rounded boy, that Alex.)

He needed people to run, jump, fall, tumble, wrestle, bike, tussle, hug, climb and beat on.

I wasn’t that person.

I’m okay with that.

But I hate it for him.

I wonder if I buy him a chew toy if it would help . . .

I wonder if Daddies feel this way when it comes to sitting and cuddling and talking and drying tears . . .***


*** Yeah yeah yeah, that’s a generalization that mom’s are calm and dad’s are fun, but dude – there IS something to be said for playing to one’s strengths.