I left my house at Oh Wow It is Early on Wednesday morning. Carrying Alex’s Chiefs Backpack as my carry on.

I arrived in New York for BlogHer12 at noon. Amazing Photographer Lotus and I sat in the bar, eating 25 dollar small plates of food and drinking 15 dollar drinks. (Red Wine and Vodka Gimlet respectively.)

Avitable, Greis and Amalah and her husband met up with us. I dropped a wine glass and broke it. I took photos of Loter and I.

I woke up Thursday morning, thankful for being smart enough to drink a lot of water and take a Vitamin I before going to sleep. Remember some OTHER photos I had taken with my phone, hit “delete” several times and then went about my day.

I wandered Radio City, Columbus Circle, Central Park, 5th Avenue and Times Square before coming back to the hotel to strip down, cool off, watch some Olympics and take a nap.

The conference began a little early because THE PRESIDENT, as in Mister Barack Obama, was giving a welcome address to attendees. I don’t care if one is Republican, Democrat, Purple, Alien or went to Chick fil A on Wednesday – BlogHer is my favorite conference, THEY see me as valuable enough to have me work with them FOR the conference, The President of the frickin United States sees THIS conference as valuable enough to take time to speak to all of us – I am a very excited girl. A link to President Obama speaking at BlogHer12.

I went to a meeting, kissed my Lori Luna (Vice President of Events for BlogHer). I met up with Andrea (always my Mommy Snatch, but officially Savings Lifestyle) and went to the SocialLuxe party.

I passed someone and asked, “Why does she look familiar?” Oh because she is Summer Baltzer from Design on a Dime. Right. Uh. Sorry about accidentally touching your ass. No really. I am sorry.

I met up with a bunch of Curvy Girls at SocialLuxe and also at Babeland. After getting sippy cups, clearly it’s  time to go to the classy sex toy shop. I really really liked the Soho store – it was clean, classy, the staff was lovely, showing us how to turn off toys when we couldn’t figure it out. We liked that they only had “the good stuff” and that you could hands on (I said HANDS ON, not snatch on) test things out to see how it felt, buzzed, and worked. After all, I think it is well established that me and mine know our toys.

This year, I decided to try something different – actual thank you emails for private parties. So I sent one to the SocialLuxe planner and to the Babeland planners – I’ve decided that after blogging for five years and being at four BlogHer conferences, that I am now the old guard, what with the lack of squeeing, and worrying about my shoes, so this year I will be gracious and really work on saying THANK YOU to people. So far so good. I like me better this way.

It is now Friday morning and I need to get up and get ready so I can find lunch with MARTHA FRICKIN STEWART and get ready to mic wrangle my first panel this afternoon. Loves ya’ll, miss those who aren’t here, but you know I will incessantly text you. xoxo