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I’m watching the Glee funeral. I’m sitting at VDog‘s house with the cracker husband and the cracker dogs. And I’m afraid I’m going to cry. And I’m just not down with the ugly cry in front of Cracker Warrior. – I don’t know when my relationship with my Dad went to hell. I have not pinpointed the first time that I felt “less than” because of him. I know it.. Read More

Another goodbye

This is one of those, “I tell you this story to get to another” kind of things. (again, this could be titled Hey look, Dawn’s talkin’ about death again!) no no… come back… come back! Okay. Here we go. I was a grandpa’s girl. From the time I was born until he died – grandpa’s girl. Which was fitting as my mom was his girl as well. His body gave.. Read More

Haiku What Do I Do?

(clickin?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ the logo may take you to more haikus)   people told me that being a parent would be a very hard job   no one ever said it would ever be this hard being the daughter


Last night I was missing my grandpa. At first I thought it was because my mom had mentioned today that he’d been such a beanpole build that it was no surprise that those genes combined with Scout’s genes would make such a tall and skinny boy. Then I realized that we are entering the Easter season and the last day I saw him was Easter Sunday. In all these years,.. Read More

Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder – Wednesday/Thursday Review

Plan A – Last Wednesday Get up, pack the car, meet a friend for lunch (haven’t seen her in 13 years, she lives in San Fran but was in state seeing relatives), get on the road for Mimi’s house (my mom). The reality (take a deep breath and read without taking a new breath, that is what the morning felt like.) Get up, start packing the car, get Alex dressed,.. Read More

My Scout

Last night as we were going to sleep, I noticed a familiar photo on Scout’s computer. It was the banner to Alex Year One. I don’t know if he’s ever read it before, I’m thinking not, because he turned the pages and scrolled down the pages and spent time reading it. As far as I can remember, Scout’s never read anything I’ve written. Save for a very excellent parody of.. Read More

My sister

I met my sister when I was 17. I was a camp counselor. I had 6 13 year old girls I was in charge of for one week. K. was one of my girls. We shared the same middle name, freckles and tendency to sunburn. After the week was over she sent me letters, I replied. I ended up going to college in the town she lived in, so I.. Read More

A post about Gratitude.

(which could also be titled “Knowing how to behave when it really counts”) You could say my family puts the fun in dysfunctional. But it’s not always fun, and it’s not always dysfunctional. From where I stand, every single person in my family shares a common goal: Make Grandma happy. I think we were all born understanding that we were placed in the arms of a special woman. Grandma will.. Read More


so the experiment worked. 15 hours of sleep. lots of day sleep too. not sure if had or 3 naps. i look forward to getting to ky when i can get to being on top of things. in some ways i’m looking forward to not having any help. — alex was way wiggly here abt 3am. i finally gave up and put him on the floor. he kicked and blinked.. Read More