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Rhythm Method

Ah. Rhythm. Routine. Schedule. I crave it. I’m not good at keeping it – left on my own I’m far too airy fairy to follow a schedule. I’ve been trying ever since Alex was a wee tot to find a daily routine. For the last year my routine has been make a mess, eat some fast food, have a smoke, repeat. Occasionally with a blast of cleaning or home repair… Read More

Punt Soup Recipe

Beth at the Natural Mommy is hosting a recipe swap 🙂 I give you my recipe for Punt Soup. Why Punt you ask? You know those days that nothing goes as planned and you need to dream up some dinner that doesn’t require a take out box? What do you do? You Punt. Hence, Punt Soup. If the Punt Soup is too thick, it becomes Punt Casserole. Punt is very.. Read More

A Lent a Day – 1

Yesterday, one of MPs suggestions was “Listen to someone that you disagree with” – so I did. BlogHer had two excellent posts this week, first came the posting of Why I’m Pro-Life by Shannon who just sponsored the Rocks in my Dryer bloggy giveaway carnival and then came the Why I’m Pro-Choice by Maria Niles. (I gotta tell you, I did post a comment and then part of that comment.. Read More


Last night I was missing my grandpa. At first I thought it was because my mom had mentioned today that he’d been such a beanpole build that it was no surprise that those genes combined with Scout’s genes would make such a tall and skinny boy. Then I realized that we are entering the Easter season and the last day I saw him was Easter Sunday. In all these years,.. Read More

Cheap@$$ Part Three

Now, I’m a snob. I know this. I like good clothes, good shoes and good house stuff. However, even I, Snobby Snobberson can appreciate the whole “necessity is the mother of invention” concept when it comes to decorating. Take this, for example: This is our project of the weekend, putting shelves on the newly painted wall across the bed in our room. Now, here’s more or less how it would.. Read More

Enough – Part Two

Now, I would LOVE to have a perfectly decorated house right now. I would love to have a big tree that smells wonderful, and the halls to be deck and boughs of holly, and beautiful Christmas cards that I made myself, and a stack of perfect presents for Scout and Alex … and yes, for me … I’d love everything to be coordinated and putting Martha Stewart and the mother.. Read More

Enough – Part One

So, it’s that time of year where everyone thinks about overindulgence. We’ve made it through Black Friday, we’re in the full swing of gift giving holidays. We have neighbors who have holiday crap that has apparently thrown up on their lawn, so covered in decorations it is. I’ve been loving Unplug Your Kids, even more than usual because she’s been talking about holiday madness and she echoes a lot of.. Read More


I learned that when you start with a lot of squash… and pumpkins… and sweet potatoes… and you put them on the grill to cook… that when you use the blender to make the puree… and you need to stop the blender and shift the pieces in the blender… wait till the blades stop moving before you stick a knife in the blender… Seriously…

Eat yer farkin’ veggies

Okay, so yesterday I talked about my weird ass issues with my hands and hand washing. I’ve used the homemade sanitizer for a fews days now and I really like it. The consistency is relatively the same as the stuff you would buy, the lavender does smell nice and works with the alcohol, rather than competing with it. I’m assuming my hands are marginally cleaner than they were before –.. Read More

Clean Hands

So, all good cooks know that clean hands are a must for pre food touching. All good mommies know that clean hands are a must – just because they are a must. Here’s a little tidbit about me: I dee-test the feeling of my hands after they have had soap on them. They feel dry and sandpapery, and they catch on things and ick! ew! And with the heinous nail.. Read More

Betty F. Crocker

Okay, so the theme of this week is getting chosen by me. And only because it’s timely. And SHOCKING. SHOCKING Betty Friggin’ Crocker possessed our bodies. I don’t know wtf happened. I’m still reeling. One minute Scout was waving around his man-squash And the next, our refrigerator looked like this This week, I’ll tell ya’ll about this demon possession. (Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)

Blog Action Day

I’ve had that little bit of swag over in the sidebar for a month or so now, I found it over at Doodaddy and thought this would be a nice change from my normal rant about boobs and lack of sleep. Blog Action Day this year is focusing on the environment, and unless you are totally a no impact person, living under a rock, without access to any kind of.. Read More

Dear Grandma,

Ninety two years ago today, you were born. I have known the details of your life, but it’s only as I get older that I really start to understand you. To me, you were always, “Grandma” and you lived with a determination and a work ethic that made me believe you were born with grey hair and that hard work was what you did for fun. When you were nine.. Read More