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The First Post of the New Year

On December 14th, 2012, my heart broke for my Victoria. Apparently my door was to blame.  I’ve done a lot of pondering since that day. The louder the outside world has gotten, the more I have retreated into myself. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions. 1. None of us want to feel helpless. 2. None of us want our lives to be controlled by someone else. As far as.. Read More

Ghosts of relationships past

I’ve become fairly superstitious when it comes to making sure the Dude is out of my life and out of my house. I set fire to my dreams of our life together months ago – When I cleaned out a closet and found more things I thought were long gone – those landed on the fire as well. I wanted them gone. Today as Alex and I cleaned the (expletive.. Read More

Talkin’ About My Boobies!

Shocking, I know. Me? Talk about my boobs? Never! Step back with me to avoid the lightning strike as a result of my lying. Lotus asked us to talk about our experiences in feeding our children with our boobies or with bottles while our children still mauled our boobies anyway, cuz that what babies tend to do it seems. (At least it explains why Alex continues to grab at Scout’s.. Read More

Shovin’ off on Showin’ off

Yeah. My feet look WORSE today than they did a week ago. We had the biggest fackin’ snowstorm to hit the area in year. Spring feels very far away. This challenge is gonna extend till next Saturday. Are you getting ready for spring? Tell us about it. I’ll put the Linky loo below. Hopefully by next week my toes will be all nice and polished. Oh, and you are playing.. Read More

Haiku Increasing Blog Traffic

(clickin’ the logo may take you to more haikus) alex year one blog stats went through the roof because of these three topics kyla, you have peeps who are crying foul over your rock and hard place john cusack makes us all swoon and sigh it appears we love our lloyd d! admit your brain glitch and be quickly wrapped in the arms of bloggy friends (Thank you for yesterday,.. Read More

Depression Confession

(ed. below is what i wrote 26 days ago while i was processing a choice i had to make. it was my own inner dialog with myself to just beat myself up a little more than i already was on an hourly basis. do i really think it’s weak? no. now that i’m healthier and have my head screwed on, i can see clearly that you do what you need.. Read More

Kissing John Cusack

I loved hanging out with my boyfriend, John Cusack He was hawt, great kisser, tall, great kisser, gentle, great kisser, funny … It was a warm summer afternoon, the wind was blowing my hair around us as we sat outside mackin’ on each other. Happy girl I was. I’d known John forever and ever and was so comfortable around him – he was John, but just happened to have a.. Read More

Perfect Post Award – February

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m sitting here, staring at the screen and this whole thing is just too damned big to be able to explain, to figure out. It’s hard for me to breathe as I type this. I don’t know what to do, the perfect solution isn’t here. Which means I have a little something in common with Kyla. The difference is I’m trying to write.. Read More

The answers you seek – Part One

I told ya you could ask me anything, so here goes the answers. Veronica asked, “What is your favourite junk food and why?” I’d have to say jalepeno poppers are my personal hide in the closet and eat as many as possible addiction. The ones with cream cheese, not cheddar cheese. They got me through pregnancy. the dragonfly asked, “If you could spend 24 hours with anyone, anywhere, doing anything,.. Read More

Showin off

Winner of the wine rack is Angela 🙂 Email me at dawn at kaiseralex dot com with your address and I’ll get it in the mail to you. (Full disclosure, sometimes it takes a little while to get to the post office, but I’ll send it, I promise.) Now for the next challenge. It’s March 1st, which means we’re thinking about spring, whether or not spring is in our neck.. Read More