I loved hanging out with my boyfriend, John Cusack He was hawt, great kisser, tall, great kisser, gentle, great kisser, funny …

It was a warm summer afternoon, the wind was blowing my hair around us as we sat outside mackin’ on each other. Happy girl I was.

I’d known John forever and ever and was so comfortable around him – he was John, but just happened to have a lucrative movie career. We were just a normal couple.

As I basked in the glory of this perfect union and what a lucky, lucky girl I was, I had the thought – “I totally have to tell BOSSY about this.” Which seemed a little strange, but then I remembered that she’d made the kickass video of her with my John, and you’d think I’d have been jealous, but I wasn’t.

I did, however, wake up.


(He’s on my laminated list, I’m totally allowed to dream about him.)