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Thanks (?), Ira Glass

Picture quote of the week from facebook is by some dude named Ira Glass who does some stuff with NPR and some thing called, “This American Life”. I have not yet decided if this quote sets me free or makes me want to put my head in the oven. Which as it’s an electric oven would probably just burn the fuck out of me and not put me out of.. Read More

Me ‘n’ My Act Together

Today was a good day. On very little sleep. After waking and having to adjust my attitude. With caffeine and cute shoes. And some nasty breakfast pizza. Fine, it wasn’t nasty, it was pleasurable in a totally guilty kind of way. Like all convenience store food. I worked solid today. Purposefully. I didn’t get to do everything I planned, but when something went awry, no big, I moved on to.. Read More


Every time in the last few weeks that something has happened not according to MY plan, I’ve been told by SOMEONE to use it as an opportunity to figure out what is most important to me. I mean, I have a pretty good idea of what I hold most dear, but this is even more specific to me, what do I want to create in me, in my little world… Read More

A Little Rocked

I sat for just a moment in my car today before I went in to get Alex. I was thinking about a Kindergarten boy, so small he has a booster seat on the bus, I found out today his mom just might be dying. It’s her heart. She has good days and bad days, but she HAS days. I felt my own heart sway and shudder for him . … Read More


Four years ago today: I started this blog. Three years ago today: My Dad died. (email me for the pwd, or leave a comment below) Two years ago today: I coped with the loss of my dad. One year ago today: I was married to Scout, staying at home with Alex, failing as a housewife, and settled into life for the next 50 years. Today: I am living in a.. Read More

A mere 175 THOUSAND calories . . .

My goal is to lose 50 pounds by February 24, 2012. Which will be my . . . thirty . . . . uh . . . next birthday. 3500 calories to a pound. 50 pounds. 175000 calories to burn. I bought new gym shorts (XL), shirt (mens L) and shoes. I got on the scale at 188.4 today. I bought broccoli and vitamin C. I made a smoothie. I.. Read More

So many food issues so little time

My clean house friend without any hobbies made us salad a couple weeks ago that I actually liked. I typically am not a fan of salad because Boring Food touching Hungry by the time I finish eating They don’t make chocolate salads Really good salads are missing bread – and that’s why I like sandwiches better. She violated item 2 something fierce – This salad had green stuff, strawberries, cranberries,.. Read More

There wasn’t enough space over there for my tagline

I wanted my tagline to say something along the lines of “The hardest one to raise is myself.” It bothered me though – partially because it centered funny in the template – a lot because that only told part of the story. You see, I’m bugged. I’m bugged by this face This is my grandma – eighteen years old – 1933. Valedictorian of the class of 1933 in her small-town.. Read More

Goals for the Week

Why am I setting goals? I am getting my act together because my small human is watching everything I do. 1. Health – It’s a back to basics week. Time to eat that z0loft each morning again. Script is refilled, just need to get used to it again. (Explanation – anytime I change my routine, I get messed up on taking it – things like leaving town for a weekend.. Read More

Getting my act together because my small human is watching everything I do.

My friends …. it’s time for a change. Yes I can. It’s a beautiful fall morning. My house is still a mess and my husband is still, as yet, unsatisfied because my legs are still doing an impression of a yeti. But. I feel something. It’s inspiration. I have thoughts racing around. Ideas. Wants. Dare I call it – excitement? Joy potential? I’m sitting in our “office”. Also known as.. Read More