Today was a good day.

On very little sleep.

After waking and having to adjust my attitude.

With caffeine and cute shoes.

And some nasty breakfast pizza. Fine, it wasn’t nasty, it was pleasurable in a totally guilty kind of way. Like all convenience store food.

I worked solid today. Purposefully. I didn’t get to do everything I planned, but when something went awry, no big, I moved on to the next thing. I was shocked to look up and see the clock at 245. As usual, I have no clue what I did today in the blur of one student after another, gears switching all around. I know I wrote down what I did. I know I even got some plans made for future days. I know my classroom isn’t any messier than it was when I walked in.

Even if my desk is still a disaster. Whoo-ee.

I mean WOW.

Alex is puny. He SLEPT at school today. Woke up, cried, went to the nurse, Daddy got the call and brought him home early.

After hanging my living room curtains. Dear Scout, Thank you. So much.

I went to the grocery store alone. Finally rich enough to shop at Aldi again (Dude’s ya gotta actually have CASH to shop there.)

I came home. I MADE DINNER. It had a meat and a fruit in it.

I put beef in the crockpot so I would have food for tomorrow. I am laying in bed and I can smell it back here. Is it bad to want beef for breakfast? If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I made a phone call. I calmly left a message regarding some money *ahem* owed to me. I actually got a return call with desired results. Pack a coat on Thursday – Hell is scheduled to freeze completely over at 345pm. Till then it’s just a little nippy.

I repriced some destash yarn in my etsy shop – want some yarn? Say yes. Please.

I’ve eaten a yummy yummy Xanax so I can make up for the sleep I didn’t get last night.

I’m not blowing sunshine from places where sun don’t shine. I had some rough moments today. I have some things to deal with tomorrow. Today has been a good day. I CHOSE for it to be a good day. Same goes for tomorrow.

Selfishly and slightly sane,

Love Dawn

ps You smell like pine and your face is like sunshine.