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(Passed Away) in infancy.

(Reprinted and verb edited for Heather, because I love her more than I don’t like the phrase “passed away”. and because now that I have sat on my couch and screamed over the loss of the fabulous Madeline, I know even more that the small life mattered so much more than a little phrase. ) I do genealogy work. I’ve seen the phrase “(passed away) in infancy” for years. I.. Read More

My Reader Ate You

No, for reals. My reader ate you. All of you. Each of you. You have been eaten by my reader. So I’m gonna be switching to Bloglines now. Ten months of blogs put in a reader, gone in a glitch. Boy oh boy. So, um. Loves ya, it’s gonna take a while to get this one straightened out.

Growing towards a Goal

Okay. Funny as I typed the title I typed “Growing towards a God”. Wonder what else is on my mind. Once upon a time, I was a Recruitment Adviser for my college sorority chapter. I attended a conference organized by the international group geared towards helping chapters have more successful recruitments. There was a great workshop on “branding”. The main idea being to pick 3 words that you want to.. Read More

Alex Year Hai-two

(clickin?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ the logo may take you to more haikus) Three times larger now Than one year ago today Hi, Alex Year Two! (new header by Carrie Koehmstedt)?Ǭ†

Group Story Time

You are all so wonderful to me. Everytime I read a new comment, I feel a little more supported and lifted up to face what has happened and what is to come. Help me out today. Tell me stories – tell me daddy stories or stories about people you loved who died. Tell stories in the comments, blog your stories and leave me a link so I can find your.. Read More

Style Jealousy

After a crap night of sleep, I rolled out of bed, with just enough time to get clothes on for yoga, dress the Kaiser and haul ass out the door. I was proud of myself for putting on pink yoga pants with a dark pink sweater and looking rather cute in spite of the no time to get ready. Nails bitten off (thanks to Project Clustertrauma (which I will get.. Read More

Depression Confession

(ed. below is what i wrote 26 days ago while i was processing a choice i had to make. it was my own inner dialog with myself to just beat myself up a little more than i already was on an hourly basis. do i really think it’s weak? no. now that i’m healthier and have my head screwed on, i can see clearly that you do what you need.. Read More

On being invisible

There’s a photo that has shaken loose several things in my head. Go look at the photo. Focus on the hawt redhead with the curly hair. You should know that she comes from the family of hawtness. Whatever is in their water, I want some. I looked at that picture and tried to picture myself rockin’ the curly red hair on an ordinary day, and I immediately thought, well no,.. Read More