There’s a photo that has shaken loose several things in my head.

Go look at the photo. Focus on the hawt redhead with the curly hair.

You should know that she comes from the family of hawtness. Whatever is in their water, I want some.

I looked at that picture and tried to picture myself rockin’ the curly red hair on an ordinary day, and I immediately thought, well no, that’s attention getting.


Oh right, I focus on being invisible. On blending in. I don’t consciously focus on this, but it totally happens.


Oh look! A ponytail, no discernable hairstyle and all my makeup is under my eyes!


Oh look! Hair and face in it’s natural state! (Actually I took this for Whoorl, for Hair Thursday.)


Oh look! Ponytail AND glasses AND no makeup! But look at the cute kid! And believe me, people do.

Suddenly, I’m ripped out of invisibility by this kid. He attracts others to us whenever we are out.

So. Now I find myself in this invisible disguise, that isn’t working for me anymore. People see me, and what do they see.

(I really hope they don’t see the frumpy mom on the couch eating cookies and sharing them with the 8 month old. Sigh. But that’s a whole other post.)

This stuff all shook loose, and I started really looking at Mary Alice. I realized the invisibility cloak wasn’t cutting it anymore. That I’m older and better and wise and good enough and smart enough and people like me. I wanna be like her.

Or maybe, I wanna be just like me. ‘Cause this girl here? I like her, and this year, I’m planning to spend some more time with her.

This is my year to become uninvisible.