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15 days and counting (+/- 14)

Favorite moment of the week. In the office at work, we have a men’s one holer bathroom, and a women’s one holer bathroom. About a month or so ago, I was waiting for the women’s to open up, tempting myself with the idea of just using the men’s. When the women’s room opened up – out came a male teacher. So I took this as a sign that either bathroom.. Read More

One thing no one warned me about ….

I had to pee in a cup at my last midwife appointment. No big deal. Till I realized that my preggers belly blocked the view of the pee and the cup. I was having to shoot blind so to speak. Scout really didn’t understand my amusement at the whole deal. But he did point out that he has external parts, so this really isn’t an issue for him.

16 days BA (Before Alex) – Give or take a few days.

So I’m planning ahead. I have a pregnancy book that I really like – “The Pregnancy Countdown Book” by Susan Magee that has something for each of the 280 (+/-14) days of pregnancy. I decided that clearly the best idea for me is to mirror this idea and write about the first 365 of Alex. I also decided that the chances of me doing this if no one was watching.. Read More