Favorite moment of the week.

In the office at work, we have a men’s one holer bathroom, and a women’s one holer bathroom. About a month or so ago, I was waiting for the women’s to open up, tempting myself with the idea of just using the men’s. When the women’s room opened up – out came a male teacher.

So I took this as a sign that either bathroom was perfectly fine to use. So I use the men’s room when needed, and as a sign of my gratitude, I leave it how I found it – with the toilet seat in the upright position.

Yesterday both bathrooms were occupied. The door to the men’s room opened up first – out walks my female boss, who also had left the seat in the upright position – so we had a chuckle over our like mindedness.

Today someone was in the women’s so I went straight for the men’s. When I came out, there stood my boss – she said “I knew it was you, I heard the door tried for the women’s and then immediately open for the men’s and I knew who it was : )”