Oh yeah, Alex can projectile. He was out of sorts last night, and I wondered where he was putting all his food. Would settle him down, put him down, he’d wake up about the time I got the covers pulled to my chin. Went through that routine a few times, then he was settled long enough to hear that ‘urp’. By the time I made it across the room to pick him up to clean up the mess he shot what looked to be the last 2 feedings out with some distance. So it’s on him, in his hair, all over the bed. I got Scout, and started ripping the nasal aspirator out of it’s package, because whatever hadn’t shot out his mouth had gone straight to his sinuses. Gross. So several minutes of screaming followed by a prompt zonk out on me.

All of this woke Scout completely up and I was still sleepy, so he’s been up all night, payback may be hell.