Motherhood has not made me kinder and gentler.

It makes me grumpy when it appears it opens the door to have inane conversations about “Do I have a good baby?” Well duh, I could have birthed the son of satan and I wouldn’t realize it. I’d wonder about the horn poking me under the chin when I snuggled with him, but I wouldn’t realize what was really up.

So I got to talk to my father in law today.

And my own father. (Which was actually fine)

And my mother in law. For the second time this week. Granted this time I pretty much cut her off because once a month is my limit with inane mother in law conversation. In our conversation earlier this week she asked if my sixteen day old son was sleeping through the night. Um no. No he’s not. Seeing as how his stomach will hold about 2 ounces of food he wakes up every 2 hours or so and demands to be fed. Loudly.

Have I mentioned she’s coming for TWENTY FIVE days in June?