I can read on the computer and hold sleeping Alex at the same time. Skillz, mad skillz I have.

Anyway, I blog jump to find interesting stuff to read to keep me awake because we are still waking every 75 minutes to eat and I do better just staying awake.

I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. With my irregular cycles and birth certificte accurate age, I had 4 medical professionals tell me it would take drugs to get me knocked up. Scout and I were in agreement that if we couldn’t get pregnant then we’d be okay with that.

Then strangely my cycles sort of got their shit together, or at the very least they learned to send up flares when I was ovulating. Three years of sex, no pill, cycle watching and the occasional condom – no baby. Which was a good thing.

We went to Europe, we came home, and on our 1st anniversary the familiar flare showed itself and we commenced trying. And there was Alex.

So much for the opinions of all those jagoff doctors.

Anyway. My blog jumping took me to this blog, all about a woman going through fertiity treatment. It’s been an amazing read, making me grateful for Alex in a new way. I know I wouldn’t have gone the fertility route, so I know now what I would have been missing.

Anyway. Read this post on Mother’s Day. You can start halfway down where she talks about her mother and the eyepatch. Damn that’s great stuff.