Not Alex – mine.

Today I drove in the land of vices for the first time. I did not get lost. I did not cuss. I found the local co-op grocery store, I found THE most awesome Craftsman inspired furniture store where I mentally spent more than the balance left on my car, I found Scout’s office, I got rained on.

I found the first thing about the land of vices that I find endearing. While on a four lane street with a median, a firetruck came barrelling down on my ass. I was several cars back from the light when I realized what was happening and I didn’t know quite what to do – I’ve been in the suburbs long enough to know that people don’t tend to get out the way like they should.

Welcome to the land of vices folks – when they see emergency personnel they get OUT THE WAY (the word “of” has been purposely deleted). Cars actually bailed to the curb, the sidewalk and the median.

Sumbitch. : )