Sara kept telling me I should start a blog.

In the middle of the night of the first few weeks of Baby Kaiser’s world, I started reading them constantly. I don’t even know where I got started. It might have been here while I tried to figure out if it was normal that I couldn’t put my boy down and have him stay asleep. I know I ended up here because I read it from beginning to present, alternately laughing and crying, and in the end learned just where I could put a few choice judgmental opinions I’d been carrying around. And if that one wasn’t enough, then certainly this was enough.

I’d had the blog for a while, mostly to keep my shit together in the final weeks of baby incubation, and to entertain my friends with my stellar, unmatched humor.

But I got knocked off my pedestal by her, who knocks it out of the park every time and makes me think I should just close up my snark shop for good. I’ve professed my undying admiration for her, and then made the blog public and quit lurking so much and actually commented some. Ya’ll can blame her.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw my link love to the Big Bad Bloggy Daddies. You let me see into what this whole mess of parenthood looks like from my husband’s eyes, something that I’m sure saves him from the wrath of the mom on a daily basis.

And of course PDub who lets her awesome freak flag fly from the prairie.

There’s more, but this is how my google reader and I have been rolling for a while. This whole stay at home gig combined with the newness of mommyhood combined with the move to the land of vices would have been so lonely without ya’ll. You make me laugh and let me know I’m not the only one in my jams at 120 in the afternoon with someone else’s drool on my shoulder, not sleeping through the night, but totally keeping myself awake when exhausted just so I can gaze at the cuteness that is that is the Baby Kaiser. You give me courage to go try new things, because if it fails, I at least have a funny (hopefully) story to tell, in an attempt to say thanks for the smiles you’ve given me.

And on that note, it’s time to go get covered in little boy pee again.