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Just a normal day.

Today was just a normal day. We woke. We took a photo. We got lost in town. We went to the Farmer’s Market. We went to see Scout at work. We talked to my SIL. We napped. While Alex napped, I read. And my heart was touched many times. MetroDad – who lost his friend From the Frontlines – who knew her husband would fight and defend The Dana Files/This.. Read More

Six years ago today I sat in class, learning about this, wondering why my teacher cared about it on that particular morning. Too immature to give him the credit to realize he just hadn’t seen the news yet. Today, I’m having an all day moment of silence, no blogging or commenting. (I’m sure I’ll still read, because, hello, addict. But I need to be quiet today.) I’m going out with.. Read More