Today was just a normal day.

We woke.

We took a photo.


We got lost in town.

We went to the Farmer’s Market.

We went to see Scout at work.

We talked to my SIL.

We napped.

While Alex napped, I read. And my heart was touched many times.

MetroDad – who lost his friend

From the Frontlines – who knew her husband would fight and defend

The Dana Files/This Full House – who smelled New York

WhyMommy – who watched the smoke in DC

Growing a Pair who wonders just how do we teach our children about our world now?

JurgenNation – who echos my heart the closest.

It’s the ties flying up in the air. It’s the jumping out of the buildings that shook me most (still does). No one gets up in the morning, puts on a tie and goes to work expecting to jump out a window knowing this is the end. No one does that.

I wish six years ago today would have stayed just a normal day.