So, even though I’ve read time and again that babies really are better off on exclusive breast milk till 6 months old, and I really prefer this idea over the whole tiny bits of packaged and mushy food (have I mentioned how much I *hate* mushy food?) when our pediatrician said we could start giving Alex food at 4 months we went straight to the grocery store.

See, I’m barely keeping up on milk for the boy. I’ve tapped into the frozen reserves and only have 12oz left. Even if I think formula is fine … I apparently think it’s fine for the rest of the world, but I really don’t want to use it. Apparently, I am more comfortable with food and milk rather than formula and milk. I have no logic to it.

So he’s been lusting over the applesauce, and barely tolerating the bananas.

Please tell me you caught the *immediate* problem here.

Um. Applesauce and bananas are binders. I might as well have fed him Elmer’s Glue and Wonder Bread, poor kid. So we’ve now gone to prune juice and baby massage.

Please don’t let the gypsies take me away. I like it here.