I’ve been awarded bling. You wouldn’t think that a small graphic could make me smile so wide – but it really does. In the words of Sally Fields “If mother’s ruled the world….” no, no, not that one. This one:

You like me! You really like me!

First, Jackie gave me this sexy little bling:


Which I would like to also pass on to Mrs. Flipphead who has spent many keystrokes talking me out of my tree of sleep deprivation. Thank you, thank you.

Then, when my heart was already full (and no, that’s not just my boobs in the new bra), WorksForMom gave me this brand spanking new appreciative bling:


Which, for now, I am passing on to Sara (who’s fault this blog is) … and just so my intentions are clear, this is appreciation for you my friend, but it’s also a bribe encouragement to make that other blog public. 🙂

I will award more in time, but this feels like a good start. Thank you for reading, I like it here.