So yesterday I spazzed over not getting to read people, and ya’ll assured me that I was still loved and to pull my head out of my ass and stuff like that.

Irony is that yesterday, I was 3 hits away from my best day ever on the blog – traffic wise. Which I think I just really, really funny.

PPD Watch – day two – much better – the sleep was a big help (I love my Scout). I had a preplanned date to meet up with some mom’s for coffee so that was good (they have nonsleeping kids too – so I don’t have to feel bad if I take a grizzly kid). I stepped on the scale and had lost another pound. I was trying on clothes to see what fit and virtually all of my prepregnancy pants fit again. (Don’t ask about the shirts – nursing, remember?) So, day two of the watch was an improvement – I had energy to work on some stuff so that’s a good sign. I’ll see how it goes the rest of the week.