Oh here we go!


Now I’ll break it down (stop! hammer time!)


4 dollar peg rack from Michaels that I painted – sucky part was that it didn’t come with hanging brackets on the back so we had to hammer tiny little nails into the back to hold on the brackets.


Redneck bumper pad. Alex keeps backing out of the crib and he can’t figure out how to pull his leg back in. These are crib sheets from Scout’s baby bed. Yes, his mother kept them all these years.


And my favorite. I wanted to put his name on the wall because I’m a follower and that’s what all the cool kids do – but again with the cheap. I had the canvases already painted, I bought the little canvases and the letters for less than 20 bucks and sat and painted and watched football one Sunday.

Ah, one room mostly down. Rest of the house to go!