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Top Five Reasons to Wear a Baby

Yes this post is shameless. 5. If you wrap it right you don’t have to wear anything under it. No I’m not showing you photos. 4. You get two hands back when your baby is tiny and will. not. let. you. put. him. down. (Personal experience, and the EXACT reason I got my first wrap) 3. Carry that baby, lose that baby weight. 2. It’s one more tool in the.. Read More

How to make my husband fall in love with me

again and again and again. He’d been away on an overnight trip for work that involved some hella long hours and stress in a part of the state not particularly known for its culture nor class. As he was putting away groceries I noticed he was putting away some American Beer*. I gasped in shock. Me: Scout, you were away TOO LONG! What happened to you?! WHY did you buy.. Read More