again and again and again.

He’d been away on an overnight trip for work that involved some hella long hours and stress in a part of the state not particularly known for its culture nor class.

As he was putting away groceries I noticed he was putting away some American Beer*. I gasped in shock.

Me: Scout, you were away TOO LONG! What happened to you?! WHY did you buy American Beer?

Scout: I didn’t, PM bought a sixer for him and JB to split.

I looked in the fridge. There were five beers there.

Me: So between two grown men, they drank one whole beer?

Scout: Well, PM isn’t much of a drinker, he’s more of a bourbon man himself.

Me: Well maybe he’d be a beer man if he bought beer that didn’t suck.

At this point I am unable to continue telling you this story, let’s suffice it to say that the groceries were no longer put away and I was swept off my feet and shown how much I was appreciated. 🙂

*name of American Beer has been kept anonymous to protect the tasteless.