Question: Anyone know anything about McAfee Site Adviser? Is this something that those of us who are self hosted should be buzzing about, or is it a bunch of blah?

So I’ve seen the “you comment, I follow” tags before, but I just found out what all that was about – I figure I can’t be the very, very last person on the planet to understand it, so I will refer to you IzzyMom to explain. And yes, I now have that plugin installed and if you’ve commented here ten times or more, then you should be getting page rank gold stars by your name every time you comment here till the end of time… if I’m understanding this right.

The other thing that I’m sure the planet knows about but I didn’t was that Scribbit has developed a custom search engine that searches the Momblogs – Check it out here. Nice eh? Why yes, yes it does search for 🙂 She’s awesome like that 🙂

So there ya go. Two things I learned in the last week and have now passed on to you. My karma points should be balancing out all the nasty thoughts I’ve had lately …

… Sigh. Okay. I don’t want to dwell, but I’m gonna ask you to send positive vibes the way of Scout and Alex and I, and really the whole cluster smack of my family as it relates to my dad. Things are just hitting the fan all over, and we’re heading to what now feels like ground zero. So if you could send a good thought our way in whatever form you might do that (pray, clink your glass in a toast, dedicate an orgasm, or ya know, whatever floats your boat) – I’d sure appreciate it. I’d like to be the person ya’ll told me I was last week. I just sure don’t feel like her right now.