Alternate Titles:

The One Where I Stick My Foot in My Mouth

How to kick yourself in your own ass in one simple blog entry


Holy cow people.

So I was “randomly selected” to vote on random categories of nominations for the 2008 Bloggies. I click open my ballot and scan through the categories I’m responsible for:

Best Art or Craft Blog – totally up my alley, check!

but hm… there’s and – I wonder what the difference is. Oh, one is a BAND and one is an actual Art or Craft Blog. Hm. Seems like the good people at the Bloggies could have noticed this, but hey, no harm no foul… I keep reading … … Etsy has a blog? Bitchin’, I’m totally off to check this out… oh wait… no… Etsy doesn’t have a blog … but it’s still possible for a non-blog to win a Bloggie? Hmm… I’d better see if the next category looks more organized/ proofread/ actually looked at by human eyes before getting put on the ballot…

Best Asian Weblog

Dude. I’ve never heard of a single one of these, which means me being me, I’m going to find it necessary to actually look at each of these so I make an informed decision. Oh balls.

Best Entertainment Weblog

Kickass. Click, click, click, waffle a moment, click, click DONE. Sweet, this is gonna be a piece of cake from here on out.

Best European Weblog

Dude. DUDE. See comment on Best Asian Weblog. Echo the “oh balls” sentiment – again.

Best New Weblog

Sniff. There’s no Alex Year One listed. Sniff. There IS however and she’ll share with me! so click! Oh, and there is fussypants … and fussypants? Okay so what the f…? How does this help fussypants? Is this going to split all of her votes? Is this going to double her votes? and seriously? did a real live human even glance at this ballot first?

Best Sports Weblog

oh balls… oh wait … that’s actually appropriate here. it seems about half of them involve “arse” in some way….

Best Teen Weblog

Okay seriously. Where is Candid Camera cuz this shizzle just has to be a joke at this point.

(Um, with the exception of Veronica of course – who pointed out in her own post about these Bloggie nominations that she is indeed a teen blogger. *blushes*)

Best Writing of a Weblog

Sweet. Click, click, click, will have to come back and finish voting later. And WTF, the Fug Girls are on there twice one at and one at which redirects to … you guessed it Fu’cryin’ out loud.

Lifetime Achievement –

Good Lord. Do you think the inventor of NaBloMe will love that she’s on the ballot as her REAL LIVE website and then through a series of boneheaded moves there is also which is some business webaddress?

and we’re not done yet ..

Weblog of the Year

Same snafu with the Fug Girls as above. Thankfully I can give PDub some luv.

If you need me, I’ll be buried under the pile of websites I need to go check out.

ed – so I finished the damn ballot.

And then was timed out because it took so long to go through the THREE HUNDRED sites. (shocking)

So I had to input all my votes again. Here’s hoping I remembered what I wanted to vote for and didn’t go voting for bleah.