I was tagged for Seven Things by Kelly at Mom of 6 Malloy Boys and I finally feel squirrley enough to give it a try, top it with getting tagged for Six Random Things by Cookiebitch I knew it was time to cough up some interesting stuff. But in the spirit of Avery Gray, I will be doing it in the form of 6 truths and a lie, and you can discuss in the comments what the lie is.

1. I have never owned a dog.

2. I have spent the night in a funeral home.

3. I knew Scout 82 days before we got married.

4. I wanted Alex to be a girl.

5. If I could live anywhere, it would be Hannover, Germany.

6. It took one month of trying to get pregnant with Alex.

7. I prefer Mac over PC.

…. aaaand … discuss!