1. I have never owned a dog. TRUE. I am a cat person. I have been owned by 3 cats in my life. Dogs? The barking hurts my ears.

2. I have spent the night in a funeral home. TRUE. My grandparents owned a funeral home, my dad also owned a funeral home. There were apartments upstairs where we lived. And no, I have never seen an episode of Six Feet Under.

3. I knew Scout 82 days before we got married. FALSE. We were engaged for 82 days, we knew each other for 11 years, 5 months, 3 days.
4. I wanted Alex to be a girl. TRUE. I really, really did. There were tears when I saw the penis and realized there was no Kate in my future.

5. If I could live anywhere, it would be Hannover, Germany. TRUE. I miss the Mutterland.

6. It took one month of trying to get pregnant with Alex. TRUE. Okay, to the picky ones, there were 2 months of half hearted attempts, but only one month of focused trying. To all you who wish to spit on me now, know that we weren’t supposed to get lucky.

7. I prefer Mac over PC. TRUE. Dude. PCs are hard as hell for me to work.

Mad props to badness jones and Kelli @ Gohn Crazy for their excellent correct guesses 🙂