March was hard. I ran on dread and adrenaline the entire month. And then it was suddenly over. A jarring, sickening, slamming of the breaks, wind knocked out of you, over.

All month, this singular post “A Father’s Love” from Jenni at Just Chicken Feed gave me strength. When I could find no words of prayer from my own heart, she gave me the words. “Lord, it is your will to heal.”

My Dad’s healing had to come in the form of letting go. Something I pray is bringing him peace and comfort and wholeness in whatever form of Heaven suits him best. Probably a Hawaiian beach full of topless coeds.

To Jenni, I have to give my most heartfelt, tearful, gratitude for sharing her post. Because of that post, I had words when otherwise I don’t think I could have found them. Thank you so much Jenni.

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