Oh it’s a great haze. Got up at 230am Cali time after getting 3 hours of sleep. Flew with hubs and tiny toddler tornadocane. Made it to the hotel and fell down exhausted in gratitude of checking in early.

(Will link later – as in – when I’m not drunk on free booze.)

Have hugged VDog and given her bras.

Have bonded with No Watch Me Christine.

Have contemplated throwing my computer in the garbahzhe because the wireless is shit and I”m having to blog at BlogHer on Scout’s PC intead of my Mac.

Have mutually played the who the fuck are you game with Loralee and then fell into each others’ arms.

Have suppressed urge to throw Mr. Lady down on the ground and make sweet, sweet like to her. And take a photo for Audubon Ron.

Have shown my new hair to Whoorl – which yes, I know, means ya’ll deserve pix. See above comment re: computer issues at BlogHer.

Have been to Guy Kawasaki‘s house.

Have had the BEST vodka tonic’s ever made. See drunk and why I can’t link right now.

Have taken photo of the Bloggess giving an interview next to a urinal with Gwen from Kirtsy.

Have talked to Doodaddy and strangely got all chicken about talking to Cry it out Mike.

But wasn’t too chicken to attach mah bewbs to CityMama‘s BlogHer badge. (I’m a little shamed of that now.)

Given big big hugs to Kyla, JCK and Playgroupie.

And certainly not least, got to hear Mrs. Flinger say fuck. More than once.

Wish you were all here, I’m helping show Carl a wonderful time.