One good thing about the BlogHer conference is that it prompted me to get off my ass and actually remember the whole Hawtalucion.

So I went on a journey of hair proportions. I asked your advice and the majority said EXTREME MAKEOVER DAWN’S BLOGHER HAIR EDITION.

I did NOT want the Rachel.

The entire time in the chair, as I watched hair fall, I had two thoughts that jump to and fro.

1. Whoorl is gonna kick. my. ass. for not listening to her.

2. OMG I can’t wait to text Victoria when I get the fuck out of here.

I got home and was less than pleased to see the hair already beginning the mid summer mid west hair fro.

hair fro

After a while I was able to tame it into some nice mommy hair.

good mommy hair

But after a scant 30 minutes outside. Dun dun DUN!
effin' rachel cut again

The mother fucking Rachel flip. Again.

So I let it go curly. And was much pleased. As was Miss Sarah, who is totally beautiful in person (and in her pictures, but she passes muster up close too.)

Whoorl and mah hair

She says she thinks it still need to be redder, but the blonde is fun for summer. I completely agree with her and can’t WAIT to go get some more red in mah hairs.

THEN, this wonderful unknown to me photog named Josh Hallet took this insanely hot picture of me.