1. Use pictures/graphics in your posts.


2. Epson makes some cool stuff, and they paid for the conference and my food and my COFFEE – so they rule.

3. One2OneNetwork.com has some excellent hookups for bloggers to make some cash. I came straight home and filled out my app. And I want to be just like Barbara Jones. (after I got home, I also learned that the work “network” in that blog address is extremely important!)

4. One one of the panels, they talked about cleaning up your sidebars – the opinion was split – some wanted clean sidebars, some used sidebars as the place where everything goes to die. I’ve opted to work on cleaning mine up.

5. Make your blog attractive. Which has inspired me to start working on my template. Or a new template. Or begging/hiring someone to work on my template and some graphics. I know what I want, I just haven’t figured out how to get there.

6. Here’s a picture worth looking at:

Meet Jessie Baylin. She sings, she’s beautiful, she’s warm and approachable, and her music is so easy to listen to. I resist new music like nobody’s biz and I loved her from the first notes. Check her out here.

7. Lynn Terry is another person I could totally be when I grow up. She runs ClickNewz.com and is an inspiration to anyone feeling the blahs of life – and she’ll teach me how to make money. And we talked in the bathroom about how the babies at BlissDom were making our ovaries light themselves on fire.

So there’s the first lessons I brought home with me. I have a vision of a blog – my blog – now let’s see if I can get there πŸ™‚