Remember the Phat Fiber box from last week? Here’s what I’ve done this week.


The detail is from Mama Jude’s Plant Dyed Stuff and the base is from my Shadysidefarmstudio stash.


Tiny afghan (made 2) using Autumn Harvest from The Spinning Sheep, some Cherry/Strawberry themed from my8kidsmom and some yellow from my Shadysidefarmstudio stash.


(Quick story – my grandpa made me a dollhouse and furniture, my mom and grandma made all the bedding – but this bed never had any covers – fixed that!)


Detail is Carmel Apple Handspun from Fiber Fancy and again the base from my Shadysidefarmstudio stash.


Accent is Prize winning goldfish from Carly Original, base is a two strand combo of Shadysidefarmstudio stash and orange from Larkspur Funny Farm. I crocheted the flower detail – which is something I’d never tried before, but I really wanted to show off the goldfish yarn.

(forgive the photos, meant to crop myself out but got lazy)

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