I always get Scout an excellent tshirt for Christmas – the Daddy Needs a Beer shirt from Baby Brewing was an easy pick.

(photo from Baby Brewing. Also. When Alex saw this photo he immediately read “Daddy Needs a Beer”. He’s FOUR. So see, Baby Brewing tshirts encourage LITERACY in our nation’s youth.)

I heard Kristen speak on a panel back at BlogHer 2008. She talked about the story behind Baby Brewing and how the original “Mommy Needs a Cocktail” shirt HIT A NERVE with her readers.

I truly adore Kristen. She’s one of those women who has had a home in my heart  from the first moment we emailed each other.

So when I saw this

Really @Target? You printed same words w/ same font after seeing mine at ABC show in Vegas?

(Photo from Kristen Hammond’s Instagram)

So – UNCOOL Target. I’m not one to believe in coincidence.

All over Twitter people are bitching about Target Target Target. Which. Understandable. I get it.

The very wise Cat Lincoln aka Cat Lincoln of Clever Girls Collective says


My wish is that for everyone who thinks this situation of Target apparently replicating Kristen’s awesome tshirt smells a little like nasty poo after a long night of drinking – I wish ya’ll would go buy a shirt from her. Show Kristen you love her and support her with your purchase from her business.

I believe this is a time where we can use our powers for good. We can support each other in our businesses, in our stories, in our lives.

So I am extending to you a challenge. Go support the little guy and gal today. You can support Baby Brewing, you can support another small business. Show your support and love with your money today and come and tell us all about it in the comments.



(edited to add link to Kristen’s post about Target copying original idea)