I’m fascinated with astro.com. (Thanks Cathy.) Plug in a person, birthday, birthtime, birthplace and there go hours of my life. Hey, ya’ll have Pinterest, I have astro.com 🙂

Since ya don’t easily work in “so, where were you born, uh huh, and what time was that?” in casual conversation, it’s a little limited in who you can look at “accurately”.

I got a wild hair to look at my relationship with my Dad according to the computer generated profile.

[This] is one of the more difficult positions for a composite Sun, because it is inherently a house of inequality. In most relationships there must be some balance between taking and giving. But in a relationship with a sixth-house Sun, one partner gives and the other takes. The great danger of this position is that one of you is likely to feel taken advantage of by the other. Fabulous start eh?

…This is the most competitive, argumentative, and pugnacious of all Sun-Mars combinations. It indicates particularly that the two of you have very different energy levels, which can cause all kinds of conflict. The negative and disruptive effects of this aspect can be mitigated if you both are very secure in yourselves. In that case, instead of regarding this competitive energy as a threat, you will take it as a challenge. Joyous.

….It suggests that you have a sense of having come together for a specific and necessary task or purpose that may not be completely pleasant. One of you may feel subordinated to the other in some way. Therefore, this is a difficult placement for any relationship that requires you to give and take equally, as most relationships do. I’m gonna take a guess we accomplished jack.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is one of the best aspects to have in a composite chart. No matter what the purpose of the relationship, this aspect will help fulfill it. Both of you will feel that this relationship reinforces you and makes life easier to bear. You will feel happier and more optimistic, which will help make events go well for you. In a personal relationship with this aspect, love and affection are abundant and easily expressed. You love each other for what you are. You are willing to give each other room to be whatever you want, and your experience of each other is not hindered by too-great expectations. Things can go wrong even with this aspect. But its presence in a composite chart will help the relationship to grow in a positive way and will help both of you to grow within it. Too bad we never made it here.

He would have been 65 last week. I miss him. I think I’m only beginning to mourn the potential relationship that we never got to grow into.