There’s a weird little flip side to the joys of independence.

The times that I can’t fill the role myself. Like listing “in case of emergency” contacts for work.

This week I was supposed to give the admin my emergency contacts. My mom was a no brainer (if a wee bit pathetic feeling) but a second contact . . . I had no idea. I had no “person”. I was crabby and bugged that I gave a shit that I had no easy answer for my “person”.

I have PEOPLE. Beautiful, wonderful PEOPLE. I have ME. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and you know why I’m bugged by that empty line? I don’t want to bother someone else. That line was like “who do you most want to inconvenience after your mother?”

Scout still has all my legal paperwork rights – which is great because if anything happens to me, it leaves him able to take care of Alex without anything tying his hands. The jokes about how he will sign a DNR for me if I have a hangnail are also pretty entertaining 🙂 As for an “in case of emergency” – well I don’t think nine hours away is a good distance for reacting to emergency.

So it’s weird – the local people, I wouldn’t really want to inconvenience. The people I know would have my back, I don’t know if it’s really practical. And if it’s an emergency, I’m guessing I can’t really take care of myself.

So the line sits blank and waiting for an answer. Waiting for my person. Meanwhile, I’m grateful for all my people.