1. Ice skate. (not well, but better than I could this time last year)

2. Belly Laugh.

3. Redesign speech/language services in a way that makes a LOT of sense for my school community.

4. Put down hardwood in almost my entire house, almost completely by myself.

5. Love my little boy with all my heart. Be the Mommy he needs.

6. Supervise graduate students.

7. Knit a sweater.

8. Paint a house with the assistance of that little boy.

9. Install a new shower head.

10. Install a dryer vent hose.

11. Love my friends, no matter what. I’ve learned the value in being there. That showing up matters. Even if it’s a quick text. Even if it’s a prayer they never know I sent up for them.

12. Sing at the top of my lungs – ON KEY!

13. Live without television. (It’s boring, but doable.)

14. Let go of things.

15. Forgive. I’ve learned I can forgive unspeakable things. This sign is made for me:

(However, there is something to be said for “living well is the best revenge” – I put the ain’t in ‘saint’)