A few weeks ago there were 681 people on my friends list.

Tonight there are 314.

For the most part, I decided there is a difference between people I know and people I once knew. People I wanted to know, and people I *do* know.

I had a friend who once redrew the biblical story about the woman who looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. What’s made of salt? Tears are made of salt. Continually looking back at what was, instead of looking forward to what will come can turn you to stone . . . er . . . salt . . . if all you do is grieve what is behind.

Today I have bitten off all my fingernails (nasty habit, man I hate it), I have finished all the chocolate in the house, and I am on the last day of the year after getting my heart smashed up.

I am celebrating with the people who matter. I am celebrating by buying an obscene amount of lingerie. I am celebrating by planning an epic trip to NYC with a bestie.

I made it. I made it to here. If I could bring you all right here for a party, I would totally be the girl dancing on the table with the lampshade on her head.

Instead – here’s a toast from me to you – Damn I loves ya.