(I’m getting some compensation for this post.)

I’ve never had fantastic luck shopping for sex related anything in mainstream stores. Either I have to dodge buying my pleasure packs from teenage boys, or I have to have a friend buy my condoms because I’m in the line behind the oldest teacher in my building (this was a real event when I was student teaching.)

As a single thirty whatever woman, I realized it’s probably a wise idea to have SOMETHING on hand. If you build it they will come kind of thing. (Yes, I realize there are all kinds of dirty puns available there – quick – dirty pun me in the comments below.)

Long, long time ago, I reviewed sex toys for Eden Fantasys.  I was contacted last week and realized – problem solved – tell you about what they have going on – load up on condoms for if things go well, toys for if they go less well. (Or, I suppose that could be if they go REALLY well.)

So here’s what they have to offer to you:

Save 25% on all Evolved Novelties products and plant a tree –  http://www.edenfantasys.com/presents/one-toy-one-tree

Save 30% on all rechargeable California Exotics products –  http://www.edenfantasys.com/promotions/sales/calex-earth-day-promotion/

Leopard Print Thigh Highs with Garter Belt

Couture Pink Inspire

Milk Made Nourishing Bath and Shower Bubbles

If you need me, I’ll be shopping online for safer sex – which is way more comfortable than shopping with kiddo in tow whist not wearing a wedding ring. (Bible belt or not, I know I’m not the only woman who just cringes over that shopping trip.)